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 Customized  Class for Your Needs    

      Piano Class          

Classical Piano Music

For elementary students, the Piano class offered can consolidate their fundamental skills of playing Piano. Students with intermediate level will start exploring music composed by different composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Czerny etc. At advanced level, students will learn more challenging pieces such as etude to boost their technical skills. 

The course is aimed at cultivating learners' musical interest and helping learners achieve their desired goal and self-expectation. 

     Theory Class         

Regular Class

Regular Theory Class is available for all Grades (1-8).

Learn the theory step-by-step not only help you understand the theory behind the music but also help you interpret the music better with your musical instrument. In fact, understanding the music structure through studying theory can also help you memorize the pieces you play! 


Intensive Class

Grade 1-5

Grade 6-8

Intensive Theory Class is designed for helping students understand the music theory with the fastest speed to get prerequisite for their instrumental examinations. This course also familiarize students with exam questions, exam format and exam strategy. 

     Aural Training        

Wishing to improve your listening skills? Not knowing how to describe the music you hear?

Aural training is the way you can establish principles for music appreciation. This training will also involve the fundamental concepts in music theory so that you can realize how music theory works with the music we listen.

    Program Notes Class    

Preparing program notes for your diploma exam but having no idea how to write it?

This course will help you understand the format of a program notes and how to write a good program notes. Why are program notes important?

Program notes are the first impression you give to your examiner!

For ABRSM diploma exams, examiners always ask questions based on your written program notes at the viva voce section!

    Music History Class      

Being curious about the Western Music History?

Register this class to find out more about the historical background of Western Music.

This class focus on renowned composers' bibliographical information, masterpieces, composing style and stylistic features of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century's music.